Dale and Cindy White


This lovely and talented couple moved from Fort Wayne, attracted by the arts scene in Decatur.  Dale is a Mixed Media Artist and previous participant of the Decatur Sculpture Tour.  Cindy is an aspiring children's book author, and in collaboration with Dale's illustrations, they are working on publishing their first book.



Though born in Indiana, Jana moved every couple years in her childhood due to her father's constant work relocation. Adaptations. Renewal. While uncomfortable at first -a common reaction to change- she eventually found solace in the movement. Jana is a talented vocalist and musician with original works inspired by her experiences and travels. 



Chad is an up-and-coming sketch artist and musician. He's kept a sketch pad and guitar for as long as he can remember.   Fueled by curiosity and a desire to grow, Chad is looking forward to embracing this creative ecosystem he now calls home.



Hanalies (Hana) is an extremely talented body artist, utilizing henna to transfer designs to the skin.  Henna is growing in popularity and an alternative to a more permanent and traditional tattoo. 



Karen has been creating jewelry for as long as she can remember.  Primarily, for friends and family as gifts. Timing also aligned for Karen when the lofts became available.  With kids out of the home, she sees the lofts as an opportunity to do something for herself and explore her passion. 



Jessah has long been enticed by all things creative.  Her decision to move to the lofts is a step towards surrounding herself in a creative environment and pursue her passions.  These include party planning and upcycling furniture.

Noah smiles on from the foot of his chic apartment at the 2nd Street Lofts.


One step into Noah's apartment and you get it; his desire to become an interior designer. Noah moved to the lofts enamored with the creative concept and as a declaration to continue actively pursuing his goal when he can free himself of the day job.  He also likes to sketch for personal fulfillment.