Frequently asked questions

What does the application process entail?

The application goes through the following steps, not necessarily in this order.

  • Application - Traditional due dilligence of background checks, credit checks, personal references, etc.
  • Income & Asset Verification - Our compliance department reviews supporting documentation to verify income eligibility. 
  • Panel Interview - We set you up with an interview before the Decatur Artist Commission to determine preference point allocation.   Come with a portfolio and speaking points that legitimize artistic merit.

How long does it take to find out if I qualify?

We aim to process applications in an expedient manner and aim for 10-day processing.  Here are some suggestions to expedite this process:

  • Notify your references that we will be calling (answer unknown numbers).
  • Submit all supporting documentation listed in the application cover letter.
  • Do not leave any items blank on the application.

I am a student. Do I qualify?

Students DO qualify for residency but further clarification of student status will be made with our leasing staff, especially if you are a FULL-TIME student. 

What utilities are included?

  • Trash pick-up
  • Water 
  • Heat (gas)

Are pets allowed?

Only service or support animals with proper documentation.

Where is the leasing office?

We have an off-site leasing office located at 522 S. 13th Street in Decatur.  Just a 5-minute drive from the lofts.

Do I qualify as an artist?

We open the door to all kinds of creative types - conventional and unconventional.  It's worth having a conversation so if in doubt just reach out and we'd be happy to talk. 

Are there washers and dryers in the units?

Only two handicap accessible apartments on the ground floor are equipped with in-unit W/D.  A community laundry area is available with washers and dryers on the 2nd floor.  The machines accept cards and coins for convenience.

Is smoking allowed?

We are a smoke-free community.  No smoking is permitted anywhere in the building.